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Hey girls …

Thicker eyebrows always seem to come back in style, since a strong brow can enhance your eyes and give them a glamorous look. If you are having thin eyebrows than it doesn’t mean you cannot look glamorous :-). If you know a few simple makeup techniques than all you need is to apply it while getting ready and you too can enjoy those glamorous and sexy looks with thick eyebrows.

maxresdefault-2-1Just follow these simple steps …

Select a brow filler. You have the choice to use an eyebrow pencil, powder or cream to fill in the gaps where your eyebrow hair is sparse. Choose a filler that’s the exact same color as your eyebrows, so the final look will be as natural as possible. If you don’t have a special brow filler, choose a matching eyeliner pencil or eye shadow.

Powders will create a softer, natural look, while pencils create a defined look.

If you have fair hair and want a bolder brow, choose a filler that’s a shade or two darker than your eyebrows.

Outline your brows with ….. CONTINUE READING …..

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