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Blackheads can be a real pain on the face and who doesn’t suffer from them? The bigger problem is that most of the products available in the market to remove them rarely work and are too strong to try it out on our skin

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However, this doesn’t mean you cannot get rid of them. There are always home remedies that works best in such cases and the best part is that apart from resolving the issue they do not causes any side effects

I came across this great video that finally offers us a quick simple solution to those annoying little imperfections so I decided to share it with you guys. It’s incredibly easy and you already own all of the ingredients!

Source: alexandrasgirlytalk
Use a dedicated toothbrush only for blackhead cleaning. In between scrubbing blackheads, dunk your toothbrush in a glass of hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean.

Using a soft bristled brush , pour a small amount of lemon juice …. CONTINUE READING

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