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In this blog, I’ll sharing with you my top 11 amazing Arabic henna designs that I believe looks stunning for every occasion and at the same time are easy to apply.

Henna is a vital part of Hindu & Islamic cultures and is considered as extremely auspicious. It is for this reason that in weddings or festivals you’ll see women/girls wearing henna. It is popularly known as a “shagun” in the Indian culture to apply henna, while in a lot of Islamic festivals like EID, it is seen as a way of celebration.
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Arabic henna designs are exhibited by women who love to apply henna in lesser time and wish to get a more chic appearance of the pattern. Embellishing these designs with colorful and effervescent beads gives a special 3-D effect to the whole motif and dashing the shining colorful dust adds twinkle to the whole design. These designs incarnate the beauty of traditional mania into a more simplified and fashionable pattern.

Prosperity, auspiciousness and piousness form the characteristics of henna. Not only is it used to complement your entire festive or celebration look, but is also used to embellish certain body parts with something that is equally fashionable these days. In the conventional times, we did not see a lot of henna designs. But in the contemporary times, one can find umpteen assorted designs and a plethora of options in terms of kinds of henna applied on feet and on the hands.

Arabic henna designs have gained quite a lot of esteem in the modernized world of today, not just in India but everywhere across the length and breadth of the globe.


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