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Floral prints are always a thing of inspiration for humans. In the same way, henna is also a natural thing obtained by grinding the dried leaves of a plant and always a thing of attraction for human beings. Combined, they both give a magical appearance to women, they give a complete and beautiful look to them. So, designers have created new floral mehendi designs for hands   according to the present time’s demand to provide women with latest and trendy patterns.

These floral patterns can be used in any type of design like in Arabic, Indian, Pakistani etc. These can be added with shading, filling, glitter gels, rhinestones etc to enhance the beauty and charm of it. All these specks make henna stylish and unique design of mehendi. One can go for it and can take help from our collection of new designs.

Floral patterns added with glitters and shimmers are perfect for a bridal and also for girls on special events, moreover, simply they can be carried casually. Many saloons have the service of it with newest designs and made by professionals with good skills and one has only to pay for it and can have a pattern of her choice with perfection.

# 1 – Large shaded flower along with the diminishing dots are used to create this superb Heena design. Spiral lines add to the beauty of the design. This design is apt for every occasion


# 2 – This is another simple yet gorgeous Heena design. In this design two big Rose flower motifs are used  to create this beautiful design. The fingers are left clean which gives the hand look more modern. This design is suitable for simple and small occasions.


# 3 – Fantastic Mehendi design for the back and front sides of hand, the floral patterns are more prominent in small details. The small dots are used to fill in the design  and similar pattern created on the fingers looks great.


# 4 – This mehendi design is different with the large floral pattern on the three fingers. While on one side of the palm and fingers are decorated with intricate large designs the other side is kept simple with occasional dots.. This design will surely let your hands stand out from the crowd!


# 5 – This design is best for those who like moderate mehendi designs. Floral and leaves pattern on the back of palm and finger combine together to give the hands filling effect.  Spiral doted lines are used to fill in the design. This gorgeous design is perfect not only for the family functions but also for the wedding parties and holiday gatherings.


# 6 – This design is combination of Floral and paisley patterns which makes it simple and elegant. Those who shy away from full hand designs can try this mehendi design. The fingers are specially emphasized using the intricately done patterns.


# 7 – This design has the bridal touch to it. This will be a great choice for the bride who is looking for some out of the ordinary designs for her wedding day. The the fingers are highlighted with unique patterns.


# 8 – This Heena design has Rose flower motifs and covers the top of the palm beautifully. The design extend upto little and middle finger which gives it a unique and elegant look. The predominant Rose floral pattern makes it apt for any occasion.


#9 – This Heena design starts from the wrist and extend upto index finger. Paisley and floral designs as well as leaf patterns are drawn to give it a stunning look. The fingers are left clean which gives the hand look more modern. This design is suitable for simple and small occasions.



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