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Hey girls …. Hot, sticky summers are here now! While most women would love to look fabulous all day long, summers have quite a different thing in mind. Summers are especially tough for the ladies with long hair. At the end of a long summer day with all the sweat you feel really exhausted! But that doesn’t have to be the case always! You can simply tie your hair in a bun and prevent all the mess. Summer bun hairstyles are a big hit with long-haired women. They are an easy and fun way to keep it stylish and chic. Learn some simple, fun and easy bun hairstyles to sport this summer.

Buns are super cool and easy hairstyles for women on the go and if done with a little effort it looks amazing! Just wrap it around your head and you are good to go. You can also add accessories to your bun if you are going for a party or an evening out.

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In this blog, I’ll be sharing a few of my tutorials collection related to bun hairstyles  that are easy to do and looks awesome.

# 1 # Bun Of Braids

Recently lot of girls are making buns, turning it to a trend. That’s because they go with every occasion like going out, to the gym or when you have a “bad hair day”. But to make a perfect bun, you should try this Braid bun. You can do it on bigger occasions like prom, wedding or a night out. Enjoy!

# 2 # Low Hanging Bun

The low hanging bun is a simple, elegant and sophisticated way to get a party look in a few simple steps. It’s very easy and doesn’t need too many accessories plus you will end up looking like a vintage bombshell!

# 3 # One minute updo donut Bun

This is quite the rage with the ladies now. The donut/sock bun is great way to give more volume to your hair. It is a kind of high bun and requires you to wrap your hair around a sock or a donut. Though most women improvise with a sock, nowadays special donuts are available and these can help you achieve the look even better.

# 4 # Side Buns

This hairstyle would be perfect for dance, gymnastics, ballet, cheer, weddings, Prom, Homecoming, or for every day wear!  You can dress it up by wearing something formal, or dress it down with a cute t-shirt and jeans.

The best thing about this beautiful bun, is that it can last you for two days!

It happens to all of us, when we’re late for work, even if you’re a morning person, it still has happened to you as well to wake up too late and then have to rush on your way to work! In those cases you don’t have time to make you hairstyle that you want, but just a quick bun and run to work. So these four simple Bun will make your look perfect for going office.


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