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Hi everyone, Today I’m sharing a product that has changed the way I do my nails! To handle a kid home and a successful youtube channel its pretty stressful  really tedious sometimes and there are some things that I don’t enjoy doing at all – like doing my hair, clipping/filing my nails, removing nail polish (though I enjoy applying new polish!), removing eye makeup and the list goes on! I’m sure each of you have a list of your own.

But one thing has been ticked off my list ever since I picked up the Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel remover . Changing nail polish was never easier or quicker! (unless I’m wearing glitter polish).

Its available in local shopes malls and every where on internet for Rs 399 for 100 ml

What it basically is, is a bottle housing a sponge saturated with nail paint remover with a hole in the center. You need to dip your finger in, hold it there 10-15 seconds and then twist it around 3-4 times and when you pull it out, all the nail paint is magically gone. It takes me just about a minute to remove the polish from both my hand now. And I especially like this for darker polishes because they tend to get a little messy when you remove then in the traditional method – especially reds. I was told by the Colorbar SA that it’ll last be 4-5 months easily when used once a week. I generally change my polish 4 to 5 times in a week! I know its a lot but when I am filming I like to have nice matching nails with all my looks. I’ve had it for over 2 months now and it hasn’t dried out or anything yet.

Its acetone-free and doesn’t dry out my finger tips at all, infact I don’t get that weird white mask around my fingers which I usually use to get with the traditional nail paint remover. They feel a little nourished when I use this. It has soapy fragrance that tends to stay around for the while on the fingers. Its not unpleasant so I don’t mind but everyone may not like it!

With the obvious benefit of being quick, convenient and easy, it has some serious drawbacks “Hygiene”. All the nail polish you remove goes back into the sponge so over the course of a few months, there is a lot of gunk collecting in that sponge. You can’t use it for toe nails and for the glitter polishes.

Overall, Even though it has its drawbacks, for someone like me who loves fresh polish but is lazy about removing old polish, this is a real life saver! I realized I change my polish more often now that I have this. I do make sure to wash my hand after removing my nail paint then I apply the fresh one, the Bourjois counterpart comes for Rs 800 (twice the price). If you’re someone whose looking for a quick, hassle-free nail polish removing solution, you should definitely try this out!


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