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Hey Guys, let’s talk about Sun Tan today and a few natural ways to remove it instantly. I am sure that all of us have experienced Sun Tan, especially when you return from beach vacations etc. Your skin doesn’t feel right and normal and you wish that you should have never went on that vacation. Well, with a few natural remedies you can get rid of that Sun Tan instantly from your body and get back your natural, bright and smooth skin.

Instant removal of Sun Tan involves 3 key steps.

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Tan Removal Body Pack

Step # 1 – Cleanse With Milk

brand_headers_milkMilk is one of the best natural cleanser. A lot of skin/body creams and cleanser that you get in today’s market do contain milk as one of the key ingredient. Take a small bowl and pour some raw cold milk in it, take a cotton ball, dip it in the milk and slowly and gently clean your skin that got damaged due to Sun Tan. Repeat this process for around 5-8 times. Let the milk absorbs to your skin for a few minutes to provide nourishment before rinsing it with cold water.

Milk is a natural whitening ingredient and it contains lactic acid, Vitamins and Nutrients which are good for Skin. It helps in removal of damaged tanned skin and gives your skin instant brightness and softness.

Step # 2 – Exfoliate With Brown Sugar & Lemon

PicMonkey CollageTake a small bowl and add a couple of tea spoon of brown sugar. You can also use white sugar but for best results try to use brown sugar. Take a lemon, squeeze it to add its juice to the sugar, add a few drops of Coconut Oil and then gently mix it with your hand or spoon to create a slightly thick scrub. Now gently apply this natural scrub on the affected areas and scrub it for good 4-5 minutes and rinse it with cold water for best results.

Brown Sugar is a very good exfoliate and and helps in removal of rough, tan and dead skin cells from your body and leaves your skin soft & smooth. Lemon, on the other hand known for its bleaching properties brightens your tanned skin and helps in revealing your fair and natural looking skin. Coconut oil provides moisturizer to make your skin soft & smooth.

Step # 3 – Home Made Sun Tan Removal Pack

PicMonkey Collage

Take a small bowl, add 2 tea spoons of Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti), add 2 tea spoon of Gram Flour (Besan), add 6-8 tea spoons of cucumber juice, add a few drops of rose water and then gently mix them to create a consistent paste like mask. Your mask is now ready so apply a thick coat of it over the affected areas using a flat brush consistently all over the skin. Let it dry on your skin and then gently rinse it with cold water.

Cucumber is a well known skin care product and you can find it in number of skincare products these days. It’s juice has a number of cooling and soothing properties that helps you in reducing inflammation, sun burns etc. caused due to harmful UV rays of Sun. The other 2 key ingredient of this mask Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) & Gram Flour (Besan) has powerful cleansing properties that fades sun tan damages and make your skin naturally bright, fair and clean.

That’s it! That was the 3-Step natural remedy that you can use anytime to get rid of Sun Tan from your body instantly. You can change the quantities of the product specified depending on how much body area needs treatment.

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