Do You Have Your Winter Essentials Stocked Up?

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‘Tis the season of dressing up, thanks to the innumerable wedding and party invitations that are coming our way! What about you? Are you all geared up for a weeklong of partying? If you are, then I can guess what your condition now is – you are in a hot mess deciding what to wear!
Fret not since we are about to reveal the five essentials that you must stock up your wardrobes with. With a little bit of layering and the right accessories, you can work around them to create some of the hottest outfits – whether it is a celebration or a casual outing!

The Black Dress


Yes, you can’t go wrong with a black dress. I know a lot of people who are concerned about physical proportions and complexion before wearing black outfits, but know this – a flattering silhouette in black is a killer combination! So look for dresses that fit you well (if you are not comfortable with bodycons and skin-fits, opt for a nice A-line one), and since this is the party season, it’s a good idea to invest in some glamorous ones.

The Monochrome Trench


No matter what you are wearing, throw a trench coat over it and your entire look changes. Monochrome trenches are the best choices as you can layer them with printed outfits such as dresses or even denim and a tee. Depending on where you are staying, buy one that will keep you warm but is also lightweight so you can wear it around the day.

The Perfect Boots

Keeping your feet warm and guaranteeing you a second look from all – only boots can do that! If you are not used to wearing boots, avoid knee-length or upper calf length ones which can make your legs feel heavy. Instead opt for low-rise boots, ankle-cuts and booties in a range of colors and add that a generous dose of hotness to your outfit.

The Embellished Anarkali


Anarkali suits are my go to outfits when it comes to Indian occasions such as weddings and pujas. Since the wedding season is around us, invest in an embellished one with a monochrome best. A black or blue base with golden embellishments is a classic choice, but you can also go bold with the prints and silhouettes!

The Classic Leggings


Whether woolen or lycra, net or lace – leggings can perfectly accentuate your legs without drawing attention. Woolen ones are the best choices this winter and since they come in multiple colors, I would advise you to stock-up on a few of them. Also, don’t forget to stock up a few printed lycra ones – these are absolutely awesome when you want to quirk up your outfits!

Get these in your wardrobe and you will be all set for winter!


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