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‘That one time of the month’ – a phrase almost everyone recognizes irrespective of their gender is also the one phrase that drives women nuts. One of the primary concerns during period days for me, and I bet for most of us, is comfort in moving around. From purchasing the right sanitary napkins to wearing breathable outfits, comfort is one of the top things on our mind.


And today I’ll tell you about the New Whisper Ultra Soft napkins, which are – trust me – a dream to go around in!

So, why the New Whisper Ultra Soft?

The New Whisper Ultra Soft is a brilliant product having special soft pores to keep the wetness in check. Complemented by longer length and wider back, the Ultra Soft napkins work as a perfect protection even when you are working out. The constant fear of leakage has often distracted me in important moments, but this was one product which just those 5 days of this month pass through like a breeze!

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Often it so happens that we may not be able to make out time for changing our napkins, giving rise to a fear of odour. The Ultra Soft sorts this out, too, with fresh odour free pearls which also enhances the entire feeling of freshness. Coupled with the soft cottony top cover and up to 2x more softness, the Ultra Soft also as a great relief from skin rashes and irritations in intimate areas.



Almost angelic this product is, isn’t it – locking wetness, leakage, odour and irritations all in one go? The wider back actually makes my favourite pastime – sleeping – even better- no more staining and leaking worries! A must-buy for the women of today who love living life on their own terms!


Okay, a little more to make those days better for you!

While the Ultra Soft is going to be your genie for ‘those days of the month’, take a look at these five other ways you can make that one week a much more peaceful affair!

  • Start involving yourself in physical activities and light workouts to keep up your active quotient
  • Limit those cups of coffee
  • Watch what you eat, even if you are craving, and avoid too much fats, oils and spices
  • Keep a track on your cycle

So, while periods may seem all about pain, they are not. And with the New Whisper #UltraSoft, gear up to win over the world – even during ‘those days of the month’.



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