Style Your Lehenga In 3 Different Ways

Bored with same old way of draping your dupatta with your lehenga? You aren’t wedding ready until you have tried these new ways to drape your dupatta. Try these dupatta styles to quirk up your attire. Use these ideas to also revamp your old lehengas if you are searching of ways to use your old wedding lehenga!

# 1 : THE CROSS OVER CAPE STYLE- For this you have to pleat the the full dupatta like you would your saree, secure the pleats by pinning them at 2 points so the pretty border of the dupatta is on full display. Drape the dupatta from the back with the ends of your dupatta falling on the front, cross the right side over the left so that your right side is on your left now. Turn this knotted side to the back and now place on the shoulders so it drapes and falls loose like cape.

# 2 : THE ASYMMETRIC GUJARATI – Tuck one side of the dupatta in from the back left side and secure using safety pin from the inside. Make pleats as broad as the border( or whatever suits you best) and secure the pleats using a safety pin, place the pleated potion on your left shoulder and keep pushing it back till you the same length on the front as on the back. To get the the pleats zig-zagging on the front shift them around until you have your desired a-symmetric style, pleat the bottom as well to get the clean finish and again secure using a safety pin.

# 3 : GARBA NIGHT- Pleat one side and like in the other styles secure the pleats using a safety pin, place this pleated side on the left shoulder and keep pushing it back until you get your desired length. Take the bottom of the dupatta that remains and wrap it around your body from the right to reach the left shoulder and now pin it on the pleats on the shoulder. Secure using safety pin! This style makes it easier for you to prance around without you worrying about your dupatta falling off all the time.




Divya Negi

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