Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks – Is It Worth The Hype?

I am sure you all would be aware of what liquid lipsticks are. They are literally everything we need when it comes to durable lipsticks. They stick around for longer (Yes they do), are highly pigmented, no smudging and minimal touch-ups. A noob at makeup. My go to looks mostly comprising of a bare face with a dark or light shade of lipstick or whatever tint the chapstick gives. Working here for Shruti I knew makeup and me would have to make peace with each other. So here I am, giving you my honest opinion of the much talked about HUDA BEAUTY’S liquid lipsticks.

I started off with the lighter shades and it was a mess! Mostly because these lighter shades have a watery consistency and are sort of opaque. Lighter shades will not work well without a lip contour/lip liner. It will help out by refining the lips and this way it will not bleed out(amazing suggestion given to be by a makeup aficionado). Her nudes like SUGAR MAMA and WIFEY being the epitome of nude! Gently dabbing your finger on to the lip after it dries out a lil may help but I would really just prefer a creamier formula. The lighter shades made me put in more effort than I would like. One lipstick costing something around Rs 1600. I am sure they last long but do I want to roam around with cakey lips? Applied them thrice to prove myself wrong! Me being a working woman(also lazy) will not have the time to apply and Re-apply until I get it right on a daily basis. Would you?

My experience with her darker shades was a lot better. I feel the browns and darker shades are creamier in consistency and not opaque. Tried FLIRT and ICON. I would definitely spend my money on them unlike the preconceived notion I had of brown lipsticks. I have always faced an issue with darker shades, they make my lips look botoxed but these don’t. Extremely light and don’t turn cakey like some other products I have used. However you can buy similar shades in IN COLOUR (shade:427) and MEET MATT HUGES (shade: Sincere).


They come packaged like in the image above, the one on the right if you’re confused.




Divya Negi

Check out these shades and more in the link below !


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