Is Your Bag Summer Ready?

Summers are here and travelling around Delhi can feel a lot like walking in the Thar desert! Keep these essentials before stepping out of your house.

Water – Hydrated body is healthy body. With temperatures soaring from 25°C to 45°C water should always be handy. Stay hydrated to ward off heat strokes and also keeps those acne at bay.

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Sunscreen – To protect your skin from sun damage, lather on the sunscreen before stepping out. It will keep your skin colour even and you won’t see discoloured skin like you do after threading your eye brows. I have oily skin and have been using La Shield for a while now and it has worked great. Another sunscreen that has caught my attention is  Lakme sun expert with SPF 50PA+++.

Lip Balm – The skin on the lips being thinner than the face and is easily damaged. The lower lip being hard and dry is a sure shot way of spotting sun damage on the lips. Body shop being my most favourite(SPF30) is priced at Rs350, you may also use baby lips(SPF15) or biotique (SPF30)priced at Rs150. A generous coating of either will work wonders for you.

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Toner – We all rush to the loo to re-apply lipstick, take out a minute to wipe out the dirt and oil gathered on the face with a toner. A toner also refreshes your skin in the soaring temperatures. I am devout user of Fabindia’s tea tree skin toner which works great for my oily skin, VLCC’S rose water toner and Body shop’s vitamin E hydrating are worth checking out too.


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Umbrella/Scarf/Sun Glasses –  Wouldn’t a umbrella/scarf/Sun Glasses with a floral or some unusual print be just the best accessory to be walking around with this summer. With the weather being unpredictable I feel its best to carry both in your bag! Avoid heatstrokes and tanning this summer.

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Divya Negi

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