Create Your Own Tassel Earrings from Waste

Going out? Can’t find the right matching pair? Try this quick crafty way to make your own!

For the earrings you will need

  • 1 reel of embroidered thread
  • 1 reel of contrasting thread
  • a solid block or card cut to size required
  • stud earring flat back(break it off front old waste earrings)
  • fabric glue
  • thread cutter/scissors

1- Wrap your embroidery thread around the block till you have a 2cm wide width. Keeping the length equivalent to the block.


2- Insert contrast thread at ends and tie them light and remove from the block.


3- Leave 2.5 cm from top and bottom and tie a mark using the contrast thread.

4- pull out thread from your contrast thread reel and start braiding it around the bunch. Do tie a knot before starting at the 2.5 cm mark.

5- Stop half way, measure using the measure tape and divide to get a middle point and attach the stud earring flat back.


6- wrap your thread around the stud earring flat back to cover it up. Keep wrapping until the flat back is completely hidden and only the stick is visible.


7- Fold the bunch in half and(use the stud earring flat back for reference) start wrapping the thread around the middle where the contrast thread braiding ends. Now thread the remaining thread in a needle and sew it so the thread doesn’t come off and chop off the excess thread. You could also use fabric glue to fix the thread.


8- Cut off the joints of the at the bottom and even them out by chopping off the longer threads. In the end Comb your tassel to make it look fluffy!




Divya Negi







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