Still Looking For Your Perfect Lehenga? These Budget lehengas Will Blow Your mind!

Wedding season is here, I can hear the mandir bells chiming and smell the Tikki sizzling in the huge pan. From the bride to the baarati’s, everybody wishes to look their best. We’ve only ever known Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh to get our hands on first copies of designer  lehengas. It is time to explore more than those by lanes when shopping for wedding ensembles. My cousin’s wedding being closer than anticipated(13th April) I had been freaking out for about 2 months because I still had not found the right lehenga that would fit in my budget until I scoured every nook and cranny of the world wide web and found websites that would give me my dream lehenga that fit my budget! The prizes will want you to never set foot in Chandni Chowk again! These websites beat the ready made markets.

PEACH MODE– Online website that offers a variety of Indian ethnic wear ranging from Rs1000-Rs19,000( I only checked the prize of the lehengas ). There is a sale going on the website.What are you waiting for? Offers semi stitched lehengas.                                                   

Photo courtesy- Peach Mode 

NINE COLOURS– The website offers lehengas in a variety of colours with the prices ranging from- Rs1000- Rs25,000. They also offer to customise the garment for you!

Photo courtesy- Nine Colours 

AMAZON- You will find the cheapest of lehenga’s on amazon! I couldn’t believe it until I found this you-tuber talking about her amazon lehenga haul. All of them prized from somewhere around 500 to 4000 rupees, which frankly is a steal. You will have to be really careful of the fabric though. They range from printed to embroidered. You will have to get the unstitched blouse fabric stitched to your size which is great! PRICE RANGE- Rs300-Rs10000

Photo courtesy- amazon 

MYNTRA– I have been shopping online from Myntra for about 6 years now. Didn’t know they offered heavy embroidered ethnic wear too. Its raining sales everywhere, even on myntra. Check out the website to find your lehenga for this wedding season. They offer semi stitched lehengas. PRICE RANGE- Rs1000-25,000

Photo courtesy- Myntra 


Check out the links to find your lehenga and tell us your story !



Divya Negi


  1. Recently I oder 2 lahenge set but really it is worst quality.i ‘ll return it.i was shocked. Pls don’t cheat the custmers

  2. Aradhana upadhyay

    you don’t provide good dress materials as looking in the pictures as well as it is only fraud to don’t do like this

  3. Amazon? Are you kidding…🙄. As a fashion blogger shouldn’t you also consider the QUALITY(its super damn IMPORTANT) of the clothing? Yes I heard Amazon has affordable ethic clothing..BUT I also heard and know that when they arrive at your house the sarees and lehengas look like they have been made from curtain screen material🙄. Please remove this post..its very miss leading and could cause people to spend money on things that don’t have good quality!! Do your research miss!😠

  4. First of all, do some homework before you write such articles.. thousands of articles are out there in which same stuff has been mentioned.

    Second, like Pranjalika said above.. buy something from this site or what is that site called craftsvilla/e.. ya so buy something then write.

    These days everybody is f content writer!! Waste people’s time.

  5. Dear prices not prizes and writing a blog is very easy but be little responsible when you are writing something peachmode have you ever bought anything from this site if you will then you will find it a last place yo buy anything due to its quality

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