Aloe Vera MYTHS busted

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Wand of heaven – Aloe vera carries a fascinating history, beauty secret of Egyptian queen – Cleopatra, is now not at all a secret and is a common household product. Due to its exceptional health benefit properties, it is used in gel form to apply on the skin or in juice form for intake. But is it effective all the time?

Here are some myths about aloe vera

#1: Is aloe vera gel bought from market 100% pure as claimed?

Aloe vera gel tubes  from the market claim that they are 100% pure, we see that it is green in color with fragrance, but I realized that when I pour out aloe vera gel from fresh aloe vera leaf, it wasn’t thick as it was in the tube neither it carried any fragrance, so how can it be 100% aloe vera in the tube!

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#2: Is aloe vera a sunscreen?

It is a common myth that aloe vera gel gives sun protection, but it is not completely true. Aloe vera gel does act as a sunscreen but can’t be used to step out of the house for giving sun protection.

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#3: Is aloe vera gel a moisturizer?

Aloe vera gel is NOT a moisturizer but a hydrator, which hydrates your inner layers of skin but not the outer one. So to take care of your outer skin first apply a hydrator and then a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

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#4:Is drinking aloe vera juice good for skin?

Drinking aloe vera is good for your health but not skin. It improves your gut health but for skin improvement, you need to apply aloe vera externally, but if you apply fresh gel pouring out of aloe vera leaf then apply it immediately and DO NOT store and use thereafter as it can attract germs and may harm your skin.

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#5: Can aloe vera cure hair fall?

Aloe vera can help in curing temporary baldness or falling of hairs and scalp but it is not known for curing permanent baldness, so if you have permanent baldness, don’t go for it, either see a doctor.

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