Avoid Eating THIS In The Summer!


Summers are here to stay here until the end of July. The temperatures soaring to 40 outside it is always best to maintain a low body temperature to avoid ailments that are usually associated with summers. With the chances of heat stroke, diarrhoea and dehydration it is best to Maintain a temperature of 36.7˚c which is the optimum body temperature  for the body to function normally. Increase in body temperature affects the organs and their functions hence foods that increase the body temperature must be avoided at all costs in the summer. The following below must be avoided!

SPICE– Your mouth heats up and your ears redden whenever we eat food that is really spicy. Spices increase the metabolism rate and hence lead to the eventual increase in body temperature.

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MEAT/CHICKEN/FISH– Meats require your digestive system to work extra hard to break it down leading to an increase in the metabolic activity which ultimately increases the body’s temperature. This may lead to digestive issues.

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FRIED FOOD– We love binging on junk like samosas and pakoras and chips. They increase the body heat which may lead to issues with digestion. They also turn the skin oily which I am sure you do not want.

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SUGAR– To beat the heat we all tend to chow down a lot on ice-cream and cold drinks or juices. They contain high amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates which on breakdown generate heat in the body.

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Divya Negi

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