What to wear?

“It’s important to find what really suits who you are, because style isn’t only what you wear,it’s what you project ”

Hi guys its Divya and I am back again!I have said screw it and bought blouses online that have turned out garish. Made me look like a troll!
When buying garments online one ends up buying a garment solely because it looks good, good on the model that is. Who probably has a smaller bust than you, a tinier waist and a more shapely bum. She is one of the 10% women who fall in the gifted with the ideal figure category! The rest of us just have to do by. One needs to understand that you have to imagine yourself in it and question“ WOULD I REALLY? FOR REAL LOOK GOOD IN IT?”
I follow that when impulsively buying online or even when i am buying garments at a store. I have to try  it on to see, sometimes even when it fits right it dosen’t necessarily feel right. TRY IT ON! The print may be beautiful but it might not look great on you. Not every style suits your body type.

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It’s fine to not be following trends . You can’t always manage to keep up. When you step out dressed in your element. You know it feels right, the sheer confidence that reflects off you makes heads turn.
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An example of a sad fashion trend we have followed blindly are the crop tops. They are cute, but BUT a disaster when worn with low waist pants as it shows off the midriff, Flaunted my muffin top a little too much for my liking. One should be wiser when selecting what you wear and with the styling bit.
It is not bad to be following trends but follow them with a conscience. Understand what suits your body whether buying it online or buying from stores.

Divya Negi

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