Dive head first into bold off beat colours! Ranging from electric blue’s to jungle greens. Add a pop to brighten up the summer nights. Imagine yourself in a bright red blouse/dress in Delhi’s sultry May! The oomph’s and oo la la la’s.


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The colour’s are risqué but I am sure us women have the experience to handle our vibrant colours by now. Never shy away from being BOLD! If you can pull off shy and coy I believe you can definitely pull off hot and sexy!                                                                                                                                                There is something about  these colours that says nooo won’t last past this season but the colours are so bold and bright that one just needs to hoard! Quoting vogue uk here -“Paint box brights are still going strong: the new primary colour palette celebrates fashion’s power to generate confidence, and the effect is irresistible”. With the  international runways going ga ga over bold neons and weird brights, I am sure we too can somehow make space for them.

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You may pair these brights with a lighter colour to tone down your outfit. Like the pastels. Pair bright off shoulders or one shoulder blouses with denims, Yes denims! Denim’s never go out of fashion. Leggings/Jeggings can also be a good alternate, which could be white or same colour as the bright blouse. Search  for maxi skirts to add that much loved bohemian twist to your everyday outfit or suspender skirts  with an odd bright blouse. Attaching  links to make your search easy!

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