Nykaa Liquid Lipsticks v/s Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks

Hi guys it’s Divya! I am back with my make-up reviews. So Shruti handed me this box of Nykaa lipsticks  and I was blown away, the packaging is cool as hell. But BUT THE BEST PART is that the liquid lipstick names are inspired by the cities of India making it more relatable unlike the names some international brands have for their products. One will easily be able to associate with the lipsticks. I being from Delhi loved the pink tone nude named “DILLI”. The colour reminds me how vibrant people from Delhi are, from the CURSES  to the FOOD, its atmospheric.  A bright pink named KUDI inspired by Punjab, reflects the vibrant colours Punjabi’s are famous for.

   Photo courtesy: nykaa.com

The packaging is compact, making it travel friendly and easy to carry. The body is  transparent so it is  easier to identify the colour. The flocked tip applicator makes it easier to apply the product and also helps in picking up adequate product so you don’t have to dip the applicator in the bottle over and over again. I like the tip of the applicator because it makes it easy to draw the outline of the lips which can be difficult to make with some other applicator tips. The formula is weightless and you would not feel like there is any product on your lips but  the consistency is watery and since I am a noob at make-up it was very difficult  for me to apply the watery product on my lips as the product kept running out of the lip line. If you need something on the go then this is not your saviour!  Also you will have to apply 2 coats so the original colour of your lip is completely hidden. The  consistency of the product is a lot like the lighter shades of the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks. I had reviewed Huda beauty liquid lipsticks before and was displeased with them. If  you are planning on buying Huda beauty liquid lipsticks I suggest you buy these instead as these are budget friendly(cost Rs550/-). They do take time to dry out but stay on for longer and are smudge free once they have completely dried out. They are best for attending long functions!


Divya Negi

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