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Does Shien or Romwe keep popping up on you  Facebook/Instagram feed? It Does on mine. Shopping online is fun, on numerous occasions I have impulsively bought things that I thought wouldn’t turn out ok but have amazed me! I know we have all had sad experiences with shopping online. These online websites come up with  amazing  sales and blow your mind kind of offers that have forever attracted me. Shopping online is convenient especially when it comes to intimates! I am a working woman and going out to buy clothes is a hassle after working  6 days a week. By Sunday my nerves are fried and all I want on the 1 day I have free is to be by myself. For people like me online shopping sites have become a saviour. I have bought everything from clothes and shoes to make-up and lingerie. You can’t try on the clothes when buying online but you can  easily return the item like how you would when buying from a store, in case of online websites a person comes to deliver as well as pick the item incase of a return hence making the process all the more smooth. Sometimes you end up getting products that are of inferior quality and that makes you loose all hope! You can easily contact the website or leave them a email. I have faced difficulties in the past and had to get the product replaced and the money was either returned or I was given a credit amount on the website.

Here are the websites that you must check out if you are looking for affordable trendy clothing- 

JABONG- They offer the trendiest of outfits! My first ever buy from this website was an orange peplum. Me and mother share the wardrobe(she steals my garments) and often don’t like each others choice in outfits, the orange peplum has become our favourite! The fabric is light and the colour is amazing. Even on days when there aren’t sales on the website they offer a decent price for garments that would cost more in stores.

website link

 Photo courtesy: jabong

MYNTRA- Another website that has become my favourite over the years. I have fallen in love with the kurta style maxi dresses. Them apart from being affordable come in a variety of Indian summer prints and some even have cutesy tassel ties. I discovered a new reason to love Indian semi-ethnic garments!

website link

 Photo courtesy: Myntra 

KOOVS– This website is always upto date with the latest trends. Its a website that has great basics for your everyday college or work wear. I haven’t really bought clothes from the website but I did buy a blue clutch and it seems ok, there was nothing shoddy about it. They however take longer to deliver as compared to other websites but my friends have and have only praises for the website. I say try !

website link:

 Photo courtesy: koovs 

AJIO- I recently discovered the website and the shoes on the website are crazy ass cool. They have trendy westernized kurta’s. I haven’t shopped from the website but I plan to, its something that the modern millennial will want and they sorta fit in your budget.

website link:

 Photo courtesy: AJIO

I feel one  way to find affordable clothing is to wait out for sales. I DO THAT. I do not like splurging too much on clothing, I am very Chindi that way and there is nothing wrong with buying clothing that SASTA. Sasta is the way to go and I support sasta.


Divya Negi

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