5 Period Apps You Must Try!

I am 23 and still haven’t gotten a hang of how to handle myself on my period! Although periods are a natural way of your body telling you that every thing is running normal the cramps and the craving they bring along feel unnatural. I know you feel like you’re cursed but….
There was a time when I was a week late and had to visit the gynaecologist because for a case 12th kid that felt unnatural, I turned to my dad to ask hey when did I get it last? in-front of the doctor!SICK! I decided to download a period app. Period calendar has faithfully been tracking my period for 5 years now!

When in school/college we are trying to keep up with assignments and exams, when you are out in the world working you have deadlines to meet, run errands and places to be which usually puts the period on the back-burner! We all know what happens when you forget when the period is about to arrive! BLOODY MESS. This has happened with me on numerous occasions and I have had to ask around for a spare sanitary napkin. Period trackers maps out your period for you. The apps are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. All you need to do is fill out the when you last got your period and the average cycle length and Voila it will have your period mapped out for you.

It will remind how many days remain  are left till you get the period, so you can pack your bag accordingly( sanitary napkins, painkillers, chocolate etc). You can store all the necessary details on the notes in the app! I discovered what I usually passed off as “depressed days” were actually mood swings AND that me craving to eat salty or sweets was just a part of PMS. They have nailed your period down to the T! Period tracker helped me realise that I had irregular periods which led to the discovery of the fact that I was suffering with PCOS( polycystic ovarian syndrome). Those of you who don’t know what is PCOS click on the link here-https://www.healthline.com/health/polycystic-ovary-disease
So its quiet ok to be depending on a period app. Think of it as your agony aunt!

Here is my list of top period apps. I’ve selected these APP’s according to their ratings.

PERIOD TRACKER-  Easily available on android and ios. I have been using period tracker  for 5 years now and its a friend to have! The best thing  about the app is that it reminds you days before you’re to get your period. The user interface is quirky and the app is easy to use.

LIFE– Available on iOS and android. The app has an easy user interface and has all the basic functions required to keep track of your dates, nature and duration of your period. Adjusting itself and corrects to predict the exact date.

PERIOD TRACKER LITE– An app I have used and recommend people to use! Available on android and ios. Its ok, the user interface is not great but it does manage to predict your period right!


MENSTRUAL PERIOD TRACKER– Available on iOS and android. Have not used it but has a 4.4 rating, worth a try as most predictions are correct and the user interface is decent write the users.


PINK PAD- An app I am not familiar with but came across as a friend suggested I look it up. Available on android and ios. People complain of that the newer version of the app keeps hanging and that they face difficulty in log entry but it still manages to be accurate about your flow! I would probably not use the app as people have not written great reviews of it even though it has a 4.9 rating.


Did you find this helpful ? Do you know of any other apps? Tell me in the comments below!

Check out this fun video of normal girl  v/s period girl!



Divya Negi

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