5 Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Must Own

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Why buy jewellery? I once had felt the same way, wondered what is the need. Jewellery like make-up adds the extra oomph to your attire. Whether going to college or work, jewellery definitely adds character to the outfit. When you aren’t a big fan of makeup you use jewellery to highlight your best features.
Here are 5 things every woman must own!

RING-  Opt minimalistic bands! Work great 9-5 and when going out to/Users/pankajimac/Desktop/everyday jewellery /5 pieces of jewellery every woman must have compressed .jpg attend parties, just for every occasion really. You may also look into big statement rings but you can’t really wear them everyday BUT they add that much needed edge to your attire. Its there to make a statement. Simple silver rings or stackable rings, both would would Gel well with your almost everything we wear.

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STUDS/HOOP EARRINGS- The market is flooded with hoops or circle earrings. Available in a variety of sizes! A must have accessory of the season that draw the eye towards the face. I own a pair of silver medium sized hoops and wear them literally everyday with the basic t-shirts and jeggings to ethnics.Stud earrings are subtle, simple and comfortable yet stylish at the same time. I usually go for the fake diamond stud(real if you want) or white pearls!

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LAYERED CHAIN/ SINGLE CHAIN WITH PENDANT- The idea is to add the right amount of oomph to your ensemble. The neck piece must be like a chameleon, gelling in with everything you wear! Pair a long pendant necklace with v- necks or a choker style chain with an off shoulder blouse to highlight your neck.

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BRACELET/SILVER BANGLES- You can try your hands at statement structured bracelets or 2 silver bangles with a studded centre bangle. I usually wear one bangle along with a silver watch. Just makes you feel all professional and put together.

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WATCH- A watch classic metal watch never goes out of fashion. Makes your outfit Sleek and polished with no effort at all!

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These are a one time investment so do not shy away from buying the good quality so they last longer. Look out for silver  accessories instead of the fake ones as they tend to leave colour on your skin or will cause allergies. They tend to loose the shine and colour after a point of time.

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