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Hey guys! I know we all have those old T-shirts that we refuse to wear. I have several that are lying in the corner of my almira! We usually throw them away or hand them out to people. I thought of looking for an innovative way to sort of up- cycle them. Up- cycling is a way of creatively transforming waste materials into something of better quality – basically increasing its longevity.

This DIY will convert your old T-shirt into an exotic scarf that you can easily pair with your basic white blouses/tank tops or maybe even turn it into an off shoulder top. Prepare to be amazed, check these images below!

This is also my official entry into the Fevircyl Kala Star Contest, so read till the end to get know more.

All you would require for this DIY is –

  1. Old T-shirt (any color)
  2. Fevicryl Fabric Colours
  3. Design stencil
  4. Paint brush
  5. Sponge/beauty blender
  6. Cutter
  7. Tape
  8. Newspaper
  9. A waste fabric to wipe your hands or the brush on
  10. A chalk or pen for marking


  • Start off with measuring 18 inches from the bottom of the T-shirt and draw a line.

  • Chop off the top area that is not required.

  • Take your printed stencil and cut out areas as per your design. You can check out the links at the end of the article.

  • This stencil turned out to be a little smaller than I expected so I went ahead and printed another and cut it out. Place the two in the middle and mark the points and map out how it will be placed in the remaining area.

  • Place a newspaper underneath the T-shirt wedged between the front and back so the print does not transfer on to the back.

  • Secure the stencil on the fabric using tape so it doesn’t shift when you start painting.

  • We now come to the fun part! Choose your favorite Fevicryl Fabric Colour and dip your sponge/beauty blender into the paint. I poured the paint on the steel plate for easier dipping. Quick dabbing will help you even out the paint all over the cut out area. 2 coats would be best.

  • The top and bottom after painting will look like the image below. Repeat the same on the back.

I loved, loved, loved doing my DIY with these paints. The paint feels one with the fabric when you touch it! AND yes, it does not come off after washing and retains the natural softness of the cloth.

If you are a crazy DIY fanatic like me then don’t forget to make your fabric painting creations with the newly launched Fevicryl Fabric Colours and send in your entries on the Hobby Ideas India Website- 

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Do let me know your thoughts on this DIY and leave your ideas/tips in the comments below. Happy painting to you!

Links to stencils-


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