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  1. pls pls reply
    hello shruti , i am mehar now creating new channel just for commenting on your vedio …stuffs are so good …
    amazing… pls help me i live in saudi and i didnt get anyof the good hair care or skin care products you recommend in your vedios…
    the brand himalaya , olay , niviea , dove is widly available here… pls do a full review on full of theesee products …pls pls its my request… i need a good day cream and night cream which is available in saudi…i do love you as my elder sister coz i am alone in my life…nd dosnt hav anyone to advice me like u does.. 🙁

    i have a baby like yours… her name is also starting with A Ameena
    pls reply pls reply pls reply

  2. Hi shruthi I am very much impressed by your hair do and mehandi can I have you as my part of my wedding

  3. Hi shruti. ..first of all.. congratulations for your success in life and believe me you deserve it…you are an awesome girl ..I have been watching all your videos i am from chennai ..A mother of twork kids 36yrs old lady..and truly inspired I have started taking care of my skin and hair lately only because of you..I love your daughter and niece they are so adorable …The latest video where you had posted about your English …I was almost in tears watching that..You have come a long way are a brave lady..I keep commenting on your facebook pics …my hubby says ..she is just a blogger ..not your friend. ..why did u comment. .I really don’t feel that way shruti. .u have become a very good friend of mine ..Of course from my point of you..😅😅…keep the good work going confident about yourself because you are not less than anyone takeen the word from me..u are a wonderful person beautiful. .loving mom and wife and a successful entrepreneur …thanks for being an inspiration for many…god bless you and your family bye take care

  4. Hi am sofia age 35 from Kenya I have pimples on my face and black spots.the truth is I have spend a lot of money to remove the pimple but it didn’t work. please I need your help assist me plz.

  5. winter care routine video u loaded and the product which u told can also work on oily and extra sensitive skin coz shruti i have oily and extra sensitive skin. if there are alternatives then plz do tell me as right now i’m using patanjali saundarya foaming face wash then i use spraj rose water and use its aloe vera gel. im bit apprehensive in using cream on face coz it makes my skin more oily so plz can u recommend me other products

  6. hello i wanna know whether mousse can be used as alternatives of foundation. only for light make up

  7. Hi
    My face is dry n slight sensitve n pigmented skin.
    I have wrinkles n dark circles around my eyes…i tried so many creams n treatment but in vain..i watched ur 36 yrs ..i feel shy to mingle n go out with my husband..pls help me

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