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  1. Hi shruti
    I’M your fan I love to watch all your videos but first time msg you
    I like wearing artificial earrings but problem is it won’t suit me at all so can you plz tell me what do I do???

  2. Hi Shruti akka…

    Hope you’re doing good! 🙂

    I have curly hairs (dandruff too) and it literally looks like mess. So I have straightened my hair now.
    I don’t want my hair to look thin, dry and frizzy. Can you do a video on how to take care of hair after straightening?! Simple and effective home remedies will do.

    I’ll be eagerly waiting for a solution from you…

    Thank you 🙂

  3. hi shruti
    hope u doing well,, need a suggestion actually m luking for maybelline fit me foundayion nd concealer, but the confusion is which shade is going wellon me..could u plz suggest me one as my complexion is fair nd a concealer to hide my dark circles..tia

  4. Hello Shruti

    I have a 6 year old daughter . She has lot of hair on her face and all over her body , is there any home remedy I can use to get rid of unwanted hair .

  5. Hi Shruthi ,
    Check out my facebook page Crochet U.M.A
    We sell a lot of smocked and crochet frocks for little girls at a great price . I watch your blogs and thought you might be interested while scouting for clothing for ana.

  6. Hi I tried one of your spot treatments it was potato and cinimon and it has burnt my face is all red and is blistering I’m not happy

  7. Hi mam…..
    Can u do a video on how to select a perfect bra for different dresses

  8. Dear Sruthi mam, h r u? I think u will be fine always. From June, I am in hill area to take my job. Here my skin gets dry and my hair gets frizzy always. I can’t handle it. Kindly help me to fix this.l am worried…..

  9. Hi shruti,
    I am dipti Patel. I saw ur vedio of naturally remove hair from face. On that vedio u mention 2tea spoon of coconut oil with groun(bason) flour & rose water. But I’m worried abt the pimpal. Does coconut oil make skin oily or not? My skin type is normal. Further more I want advice from u.i have lot hair on my face and joy line. It is very thick ,hard nd dark. I used hard(brasiliana) wax to remove it. But it grows extremely fast. Can u suggest me any natural way to remove from face. Thx

  10. Hi mam my age is 28 I have pores in my face next month wedding is there old help me any remedy or cream pls

  11. Hi Shruthi ,
    This is meena here from chennai. I’ve always been a vegetarian and I’ve recently turned vegan. When I took a close look at some of my lipsticks and kajals I was shocked to see that many of them contain animal by products and derivatives.i need your help on two things. Now I have a lot of recently purchased products that I want to sell. I’ve used them twice or thrice and are in good condition. Is there any authentic website where i can sell second hand make up and also can you recommend vegan products in all categories .
    Thanks !

  12. Hi Shruti I’m Ur ardent fan don’t miss out on any video u post.kindly help me I have a receding hairline I’m just 35 yrs and have 2 kids aged 9 and 2 have tried all hair treatments but to no avail.pls give me some good doctor or derma u will not misguide and loot money .waiting for Ur reply

  13. Hi shruti di.pls reply.i hve pcod and mujhe hairfall bhut hota hai.. aur mujhe koi natural herbal brand k products suggest kro na.dandruff b hota hai aur mere hair thin hai. Himalaya lotus vlcc biotique banjaras ye sub brands me mai confuse hoo..pls help me k konsa brand natural aur pure hai. TIA

  14. Hi mam, i hope you are doing very well and keep enjoying your work, the reason behind writing this letter is to make me ask few things regarding my website I have recently started my website REFLECTION OF BEAUTY, though I have started I know that I have to work hard for it and am doing too…but you are such a professional and you know very well how to improve the false things in making any video, Mam I need your help in improving my channel, would you please assist me in all these things, would you kindly sent me some tactics of improving the videos, you are role model I always watch your video to inspire and motivate me..I live in California and I respect you a lot .Mam it will be really helpful if you respond to me on this mail, I will highly obliged to you, I know you must be very busy in your daily routines but please take glimpse on my mail too, and please try to respond me, I will be waiting for your response, take care Mam.

    Meetu Singh

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