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  1. Hi Shruti,
    I generally don’t like writing things on blogs but your work has compelled to do so. I just love how confident and bubbly you are and you are so much talented. what is there that you don’t know whether its henna designs , makeup or DIYs. you are amazing, and I must say you have got an amazing family too. I simply love the way you take care of your family along with following your passion.

    You are truly an inspiration. Love you alots. xoxo

  2. Hello shruti mam…. Can I know how is the best way of using diy charcoal face mask for blackhead removal… School glue or bentonite clay…. Which is better.. And is there any replacement for bemtonite clay?
    Can you please make a video on diy blackheads removal using charcoal..
    Thanks. Xx

  3. Hiii shruti!!!! First of all wish u all the best to continue yur work…. All ur videos are awesome nd very helpful too…. I have a question….. How to find the correct foundation for ones skin tone nd how to categorise the skin tone….. My daughter is 9 yrs old nd bit dark nd shall we use foundation at times for occasions…. Could u explain me the basic details nd products to be used for make up beacause i havent used any make up items till now except fairness creams nd kajal….. Please help me with this….. Once again ur videos are aammmaaazzziinngggg☺ all the best to u, anantya nd ana…… Have a great blessed future all of u…………………. By mano ganesan

  4. Hi shruti
    Actually my hair are very curly they do not get straight pls help me and suggest some good ideas for straightening my hair please

  5. Hi shruti,

    I liked your all vidoes. I wached your every single vedio..I had sms u on fb but didn’t reply.
    I want to open my new youtube channel.
    I need your consultation rather than searching on Internet and spending time for small things u hav gud exp.

    So plz help me

  6. the how to remove acne scars and undereye circles mask..couldn’t understand all the ingredients and the water you used to rinse it off. is there a list somewhere?

  7. hi shruti i lyked ur blog… i need some help regarding hair cutting according to r face and what hairstyle suiting our face

  8. Hi Shruti! I am a great fan of all your posts and it greatly helps me. I have a question to you regarding dandruff. So, I have been having dandruff since my adolescence and now I am 26 years old. But dandruff seems to keep occurring frequently. I live in the US which is cold most of the year and adds to my misery.
    These days especially before my periods, I have dandruff (also after that sometimes and I dont know why). I have started to wash my hair as soon as i see dandruff like once in 2 days. Is it good? Is there anything that I can do to completely stop it from occuring? Because sometimes I dont find it occurring and my scalp is clean but most of the other times, it is there.

  9. Hi Shruti sister..
    Plzz suggest makeup items for brown color skin tone and skin type z combination type
    Plzz give suggestions

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