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  1. Hi shrutiji I m Nisha from pune i want to ask about keratin treatment first i inquiry about that treatment i get pretty much nice prize like 3000 for my shoulder lenth hair but that Saloon lady insists me that I should buy their same line shampoo and conditioner which products they use in their keratin treatment and both their products price 2000 and above so what u suggest me it’s okay. I really need ur help plz or my hair is white so need root touch up so can I colour before this treatment plz plz ans me

  2. Hi Shruti..
    I m naina. I follow your all videos n I wanted to work with you…. Will u plz join me with you…..

  3. Hi sruthi
    I would like to know if u can add a list of the items names you used for your face hair removal video please.Thanks!!!

  4. Hi shruti, hope you doing well…… I just neeed your suggestion that if I color or highlight my hair than is there any chance of grey hair?? If not then Please suggest me any good brand for hair color. Waiting for your reply

  5. Hi Shruthi,

    Myself naziya, i regularly follow your videos. i need a help from you that can you please show the whole make up in step wise.,like first to last in step one, two…etc

    I am requesting you to please do this video in step wise for the Normal skin and Combination skin. It will really help full for my friend too…

    I work for corporate office and i also travel, please help me out on this video.

  6. Hi Shruti

    I am currently in USA and I follow your videos a lot.Really like the way you explain things.

    Here, during summer days i got a lot of red small bumps on my skin ,not sure if they are sun burns as its not dark but my skin looks red becos of those red small zits sometimes itchy.This happened after i was out in sun for good 2-3 hours .I already have acne prone skin and now I dont get big ones but yes I am suffering from these small zits.
    I tried aloevera gels and lot of creams but the redness is not going and every now and then zits are coming up even i am not going out in sun.Can you please guide what should i do to reduce these breakouts and redness.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  7. HI Shruti, how are you, i need your help for doing make up i have dry skin i have beauty products like primer
    foundation, concealer etc., but i am not looking flawless by doing make up, i want some tips, please give me reply.. thank you, my kisses to ana… am from ANDHRA PRADESH

  8. Hii Sruthi,
    Hope you doing well.
    I am here on behalf of beautynbridal Team. As this is startup by me & my sister. We encouraged by seeing your channel. As we want one guest post in your blog. We need little bit help or some kind of paid promotion by you. Eagerly waiting for your positive response.


  9. Hi Sruthi,
    Hope you doing well,..need a suggestion that a full makeup kit with the best products names. Waiting for your Reply

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